Sermons by the Rev. Graham McCaffrey

Rev. Graham McCaffrey

As Incumbent, Graham’s role involves a focus on four primary ministry areas – Leading, Preaching, Teaching and Community Engagement – both with members of the parish and with the wider community around Grace Church.

Graham’s formal education includes a Master of Divinity (M.Div) from Wycliffe College and Bachelor of Arts in history from the University of Toronto. Graham is married to Bethany, and together they have two wonderful and energetic young daughters.

Although Graham is Canadian, his childhood was spent travelling around the world, moving every 2-4 years as his father served as a Canadian Foreign Service Officer. Although he was born and raised an Anglican, it was not until his university days that he began to really claim the grace and faith given in Jesus Christ. An opportunity to visit Damascus, and the site that commemorates St. Paul receiving his sight again, led him to a renewal of his faith that has allowed him to better understand the Lordship of Christ in his life, and to grasp the truth that God intends joy for each of us!

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